I just wanted to thank you again for the cookies.  We had 10 people here most of the day, and everyone raved about how good the cookies were.  They were not only delicious, but also beautiful.  Even my 92 year old mother loved them, and she’s tough to please when it comes to baking.  Looking forward to future orders.
Norma Swaney, Pittsburgh, PA, December 26, 2016
Dianna was surprised and we had a really fun evening.  The cookies were delicious and several people there asked where I’d gotten them.  Maybe I’ll get to send some business your way! Thanks again for doing such a great job putting my thoughts into such a great product.
Dawn Fisher, Pittsburgh, PA, December 8, 2016, Dianna’s Surprise 40th Birthday

…he was very surprised and he had a great time. The cookies were absolutely awesome! They looked great and tasted even better. Everyone kept on asking me who did the cookies so I passed on your information. There were people taking pictures of the sugar cookies, even the guys. The detail was amazing.

I will definitely be ordering again in the future.
Adriene Frank, Pittsburgh, PA, August 29, 2016, Rob’s Retirement Party

The cookies were absolutely beautiful. Everyone had a great time and I had a lot of people asking me who made the cookies. You did a great job on the soccer ball cookies. I loved the glitter accent on his name. My only disappointment was that I didn’t get to taste each different cookie!!! By the time I went up to the dessert bar they were almost gone. Only had about 6 cookies left at the end of the night, so they must have all been excellent.

Thanks again for your wonderful service and delicious cookies. Joel and I will definitely call you again for our next event.
Marla Slesinger, Pittsburgh, PA, July 3, 2016, Matt’s Graduation Party

The cookies were delicious and were a hit at the party. Many people commented on how great they were! Thank you very much.
Renee, Pittsburgh, PA, June 20, 2016, Alaina’s Graduation Party

It was absolutely wonderful!…Your cookies were AMAZING! So many compliments from our guests and staff at the restaurant…they couldn’t believe the detail!
Thank you so much for helping to make our celebration special! We’ll be in touch for wedding cookies!
Laura Placha, Pittsburgh, PA, June 13, 2016, Jenna’s Surprise Engagement Party

The cookies were absolutely amazing!  Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did, but most of all for your genuine kindness throughout the planning process!
Tom & Lori Walenchok and Mr. & Mrs. Cory Mays, Pittsburgh, PA, May 30, 2016, Walenchok-Mays Wedding

We love the cookies.  You did a beautiful job on the pharmacy logo.  They all are perfect.  

Thank you for everything.  Having them delivered was a HUGE help.  I’ll pass out your cards and of course keep one for myself.   
Thank you, 
Marcy Schott, Pittsburgh, PA, May 19, 2016, Shelby’s Duquesne University Pharmacy Graduation
I wanted to take the time to tell you that your cookies were a huge success.  Everyone complimented on how delicious they were. We did not have many left when the night was over.  The wedding was beautiful and the weather cooperated beautifully. It was really nice to take the cookie tradition to Washington D.C.  Thank you so much for everything that you did for us. It was so much appreciated.  
Cherrie and Mike Parker, Pittsburgh, PA, April 6, 2016, Coleman-Lawler Wedding

I just wanted to let you know that the cookies were a big hit!!  They were so beautiful and the jerseys came out great, everyone loved them!  I had several people ask me where I got them : )

And of course they tasted great too, I was so happy with all of them! The shower was wonderful, my daughter and her husband were very happy too.   Will highly recommend you to anyone who needs something extra special for their next event! 
Thank you again so much,
Connie Murphy, Pittsburgh, PA, January 6, 2016, Carson’s Baby Shower

This is my second time ordering from Sweet Bites, and once again Diane’s cookies were amazing.  My guests who attended my baby shower were so impressed.  They loved the uniqueness of all the different cookies and especially the taste.  I highly recommend her cookies to anyone.  I recently relocated to a different state and she was able to send them directly to me overnight.  She packed each cookie in its own wrapping so they wouldn’t break when she shipped them.  Diane Stewart is very professional and very personable with her cookie designs.  I can’t thank her enough for all that she does.  Diane has me as a customer for life!  Thank you again!!
Ashley W., Tampa, FL, November 1, 2015, Ashley’s Baby Shower

It was a pleasure to work with you also.  Everyone commented on how wonderful the cookies were … you did a remarkable job!  Thanks again for your help in the decision making process, and for making our daughter’s wedding a “delicious” success.
Jackie Fawcett, Pittsburgh, PA, July 19, 2015

The wedding cookies were such a huge hit that hardly any of my family got to taste them.  I should have gotten 80 dozen of them Diane…I had one bride dress and one thumbprint cookie of yours and my sisters didn’t get any…they were too slow getting up to the cookie table.  But what I did taste was delicious….hopefully in the near future, and maybe even sooner, I will be “knocking on your door” or sending you an email and requesting some more of your delicious cookies.  They were awesome!
Mary, Pittsburgh, PA, July 6, 2015
Just wanted to let you know the cookies were beautiful! I even had someone ask who made them because they were so good!…I will refer others to you.
Beth Peters, Pittsburgh, PA, June 29, 2015

The cookies turned out so nice.  Thank you so much!!  We will definitely be coming to you again for cookies and I will tell my family/friends.
Heather Olson, Pittsburgh PA, June 19, 2015

I just wanted to thank you again for the cookies! They were delicious, and I got so many compliments on how beautiful they were! Some were too pretty to eat! Thanks again!
Natalie Bonnett, Pittsburgh PA, June 6, 2015, Madison’s Baptism

Diane: the cookies were a big hit last week.  The cut outs were particularly popular.  I was able to save one for myself before they were grabbed by the “the hungry hordes” at my niece’s shower.

Thanks again for your help and for your lovely and delicious cookies. 
Mary Ann Acton, Pittsburgh, PA March 13, 2015

Just wanted to let you know the cookies are a huge hit! I swear all 250 are different. They are super fresh and look awesome!  Hoping I get a budget for St. Pat day so we can order some fun St Pat day cookies from you!
Carla Vidmar, McKesson Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA February 13, 2015

[The cookies] are absolutely beautiful and also delicious!…I know that the girls will be thrilled with the centerpieces. If only my crafting skills were as good as your baking skills!
Thank you again so much for your wonderful work.
Holly Planinsic, Pittsburgh, PA February 7, 2015
The cookies were DELICIOUS!!!!  I did not get a chance to sample every one but the ones I did were yummy.  One cookie you made in particular I believe it was the Italian knot with jimmies everyone loved in fact my cousins even said they reminded them of what their mother, my late aunt, use[d] to make.  Thank you so so much!
Cherie Hearn, Pittsburgh, PA October 4, 2014
Just wanted to thank you!  Everyone loved the cookies!!!!  So many neighbors asked where we got them.  I will definitely call you next time I am in need of some Pittsburgh cookies :).  Thanks so much!  Kingston lived at the cookie table and that is what he told Spiderman he wanted to do when he arrived, eat cookies 🙂
Jill Marszalek, Pittsburgh, PA September 25, 2014
Everything was wonderful.  The cookies were excellent.  You do a super job.  Thank you so much.  Everyone was compl[i]menting the cookies and were asking who made them.  Again, thanks for your help in making this day special.
Judy Sofka, Pittsburgh PA September 22, 2014
The cookies were delicious and absolutely beautiful!  Everyone was so impressed with the presentation – you exceeded all of our expectations.  Thank you for your professionalism, Diane…we will be in touch for Christmas cookies!
Nancy Adams, Pittsburgh PA September 22, 2014

The wedding was lovely and the cookies were beautiful and what a huge hit!!  We got so many compliments on the cookies.  I gave your name to 2 people that have weddings in the fall.  I appreciate all your hard work and want you to know that everything was just perfect!!  You are a pleasure to work with Diane and [I] would love to use you again for other occasions!
Lisa Rizzitano, Pittsburgh PA June 26, 2014


The cookies were delicious; even more so than the cake!  I was able to grab a couple of “take out” bags for my dad.  He loved the apricot meltaways!  [I]t was a beautiful day.  The bride and groom were very pleased with the cookies, especially the ones you personalized.  That was a “sweet” surprise.  Thanks!
Janet Smith, Pittsburgh PA June 9, 2014


Sweet Bites prepared the perfect Pittsburgh cookie table for my daughter’s wedding. Wedding planning can be stressful. However, working with Diane Stewart was wonderful. She is pleasant as well as professional. She accommodates the wishes of the bride with ease.
Donna Lee Hanna, Pittsburgh, PA April 4, 2014


I would highly recommend her delicious cookies!  Diane Stewart…is who [I] ordered [the cookies] from.  She was wonderfully pleasant, prompt and prepared each with pure love!…Highly recommend her!
Jess Wyner, Pittsburgh, PA January 7, 2014


Hi Diane- I just wanted to tell you how much everyone raved about your cookies! They were perfect and just what we were hoping for.
Jacqueline Cavalier, Pittsburgh, PA December 30, 2013

Diane, I’m sure you’re told this all the time, but your cookies are phenomenal.  Thanks so much for making them for our wedding.
Adam and Laura Wright, Pittsburgh, PA December 28, 2013

Thanks Diane! Cookies are amazing!
Jacy Rael, Pitsburgh, PA December 22, 2013

The wedding and reception were joyful and lovely, and your cookies were quite a hit!  In fact, we had to convince people that it was OK to eat the purple and yellow cookies…they were so beautiful, some people thought they were for decoration only!….Thanks again for the wonderful cookies…I told anyone who would listen about Sweet Bites!
Wendy Witt, Pittsburgh, PA September 24, 2013

Everything at Sweet Bites tastes as good as it looks!  Diane’s baking skills are incredible, and she makes sure every order is perfect and unique.
Patricia Oakley, Pittsburgh, PA  May 1, 2013

Just wanted you to know how gorgeous and delicious we all found your cookies to be!!  We had a heck of a time putting them away and onto platters with [the] grandkids (and the guys) all over them.  My five-year-old granddaughter was screaming over the red and green cutouts and thumbprints.  We will have to get more of those next year.  Thank you SO MUCH.  Your hard work was greatly appreciated.  Have a HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!
Mary Kutzko, Pittsburgh, PA  December 21, 2012

The cookies for my daughter Dawn’s wedding were so beautiful and so yummy. The cookies really impressed Dawn’s guests, especially the ones from out of town because they don’t get to see a real Pittsburgh Cookie Table.  Thanks again, Diane for making our daughter’s day so wonderful.
Gina Flosnik, Pittsburgh, PA  June 13, 2012

For the past three years, I have used “Sweet Bites” at YorkArts gala fundraising events because of the quality and beauty of the cookies. They are exquisite.  As an arts organization, YorkArts is interested in the food looking great in addition to tasting fabulous— and Sweet Bites gets an A With Sweet Bites, the presentation is gorgeous, the cookies are unique and scrumptious, and the service is excellent. People literally leave our events talking about the cookies!!  I would give “Sweet Bites” my highest possible recommendation.
Donna Sylvester, Chair of Fund Development for YorkArts, York, PA  April 5, 2012


We ordered a tray of Sweet Bites for a special event at our business.  Although we had other items on our refreshment table, we noticed that Diane’s cookies disappeared very quickly!  They were delicious and very visibly appealing. We are always happy to share her contact information with our customers as we are confident in her product and in her reliable service.  “Sweet Bites” taste as good as they look and Diane is as sweet as her cookies!
Terry Chesky, Owner – ecoChic Resale Boutique, Robinson, PA


Thanks so much for the great job on making such outstanding desserts and cookies.  As you know, I had friends and clients for a reunion party at my house and studio, Albey Road Studio, in Pittsburgh.  Of all the food and drink that I had that weekend, the most talked about and most enjoyed were your Sweet Bites cookies.  Thanks again for making the get together very special.
Al Snyder, Albey Road Studio, Pittsburgh,PA


I ordered cookies from Diane for the first time this past Christmas, and I was absolutely delighted with them.  I had explained to her our family’s likes and dislikes, and she was able to put together a beautiful tray that was enjoyed by all.  She was also willing to deliver these to my home for a very nominal fee.  I honestly was sad when I ate the last cookie, and cannot wait to order more this Christmas.  I have ordered cookies from many private bakers over the years, and Diane’s are, hands down, the best I ever ordered.  I wholeheartedly recommend these cookies, and feel free to contact me at LaundryLdy@aol.com if you would like.
Gail Reid, Pittsburgh, PA


Both of our daughters were married two years ago and Sweet Bites provided a variety of the most delicious cookies for each wedding.  We received so many compliments based on the appearance, taste and freshness that I was so glad I did not attempt to do this myself.  Sweet Bites completely took the worry and work off my plate at a time when every minute was precious.  Do yourself a favor and order from the best by calling Diane.
Joyce Sampogna, Pittsburgh, PA


I have known Diane for years and not only is she a fabulous baker, she is a wonderful person who has a way of making everyone feel they are special.   Not only do her cookies look beautiful, but they will melt in your mouth, so delicious!  The customer service is excellent; attention is given to every last detail.  I definitely recommend Sweet Bites!
Patricia Oakley, Pittsburgh, PA


Diane Stewart is an excellent baker and provider of delicious cookies. I had ordered an assorted tray from her for a communion party last year. They were a huge success and enjoyed by many. All of her choices of cookies are fancy and fresh, and I would recommend her to anyone needing cookies for any special occasion such as wedding, shower, graduation, communion, etcShe is very professional from start to finish, and you will be very satisfied.
Denise Carr, Costco Wholesale, Business Development, Pittsburgh, PA


The reason I buy my cookies from Sweet Bites is because they use only quality ingredients in their baked goods.  Love the presentation – The service is great and products are delivered to any location….And, I would like to add, with a smile!! I will continue to purchase cookies, nut breads, cupcakes and Bundt cakes, etc., from Sweet Bites….Love their taste and they are just EXCELLENT!
Rita Sassano, Pittsburgh, PA


My husband and I were celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and my daughter ordered two trays of assorted cookies which were delivered fresh to her home by 9:00 a.m. Friday morning after Thanksgiving.  The cookies were beautifully displayed and each and every one tasted amazing!  We received numerous comments from family members on how wonderful the cookies were.  There are so many varieties to choose from that everyone can find something they like.  Highly recommend!
Cherie Fry, Pittsburgh, PA